Bored Teachers Comedy Tour at Johnny Mercer Theatre

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour Tickets

Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour

As a teacher, life can get quite… repetitive. It’s time for a little more excitement, don’t you think? That’s exactly the show that’s coming to your area soon. If you’ve never heard of the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour, then you should know it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s for all the bored teachers out there! It’s a night to forget all the work and worries, just enjoy what the gang has in store for you.

The Bored Teachers Comedy Tour is coming straight to Savannah, Georgia real soon - you need to make time for this! It’s all happening at the Johnny Mercer Theatre on Saturday, the 24th of February, 2024. No more boring Saturdays and staying in watching Netflix, you’re coming to the show!

Tickets to the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour are on sale right here. Don’t worry, tickets aren’t going to break your bank. Go ahead and secure yours before they sell out!

Reviews of the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour from their website:

“The best comedy show I’ve been to! No lie!”

“So funny and so relatable! Do NOT miss this show!”

“These guys are so hilarious! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.”

“The night of laughter I needed to get through the school year!”

Bored Teachers, the world's largest entertainment platform for teachers, brings together the world's funniest teacher-comedians on one stage. Their hilarious skits have received hundreds of millions of views on the internet, and they're all teaming up on stage for a night of laughs you won't want to miss. With over 5 million followers on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube) and +20 million views on their viral comedy videos per month. The tour has the most amusing and well-known teacher comedians in the business, each with millions of followers. This comic powerhouse is touring the country, with over 120 events scheduled so far this year!

If you’ve been needing a bit of PG-13 in your life, this show is definitely one you want to see. Throw away your red pens, forget about binge-watching Netflix, and come to the most exciting event coming to you next Spring! The lineup includes Devin Siebold, KC Mack, Tell Williams (Mr.WilliamsPreK), Vinny Thomas (Mr. Thomas English), Jess Merrill (Miss Smith), Gerry Brooks, Andrea Caspari, Jared Waters, Mike Rivera, and Leslie Rob!

The Bored Teachers: We Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Comedy Tour is the ultimate self-care all teachers need in their lives right now! Forget about all the important stuff - you need to let loose once in a while before getting back to the same old routine! After heading to the show, you can even catch a drink with your fellow teachers. Monday is two days away - have all the fun on Saturday night when the Bored Teachers arrive!

You’re sure to have an unforgettable hilarious night at the Johnny Mercer Theatre. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Call all your teacher friends and make plans to come to the show. Tickets are easily purchased right here. Get the best bang for your buck when you purchase group deals after clicking ‘GET TICKETS’!

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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