Iliza Shlesinger at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger is heading back out on the road for 2024 with her latest tour! After the roaring success of her 2023 tour, Shlesinger is ready with fresh jokes, gags and rants. Her ‘The Get Ready Tour’ will be full of quips that has Shlesinger’s personal style all over it, giving a less-than-perfect shine to a lot of women’s issues, and how that wily inner voice can make living seem impossible, from needing your boyfriend’s opinion on whether you should wear a jacket, or what it really means to be a ‘party goblin’. You can be a part of her 2024 tour by booking your tickets today! The place to be is the Johnny Mercer Theatre, Savannah, Georgia, and the time to be there is Thursday the 19th September 2024. Secure your tickets before your chance is gone and they’re all snapped up, and get ready for Iliza Shlesinger’s 2024 ‘The Get Ready Tour’.

Iliza Shlesinger is the award-winning comedian who has many comedic boasts under her belt. She has 6 Netflix specials, has toured successfully for consecutive years, appeared on various comedy sketch shows, panels and talks – she holds NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ title as the only female comedian, as well as the youngest, written books and hosts a weekly podcast, ‘AIA: Ask Iliza Anything’.

Shlesinger has proven again and again that she is a fan favourite on the comedy scene. With her blunt advice, sometimes given in a rant of words, she shows true insight with bursts of humour that instantly has people feeling heard as well as laughing. From her first Netflix special in 2013, ‘War Paint’, where she talks about the minefield world of modern dating, to her current podcast, where she gives advice to people with problems, she always manages to create a honest, warm blend of impunity, humour and, sometimes, rage.

Shlesinger’s 2024 tour is the perfect opportunity to hear the latest from her and to see what issues of living she tackles next. We believe the best way to experience comedy is live, seeing and hearing the comedian command the attention of the audience as they make jokes and create laughs on the stage. Shlesinger is one of the best on the circuit.

She has a canny ability to laugh at people, and herself, but also laugh with them whilst creating self-deprecating terms that strike a truthful chord with people. Whether you’re an ‘Elder Millennial’, a ‘party-goblin’ or simply need to don some swag and war paint, Iliza Shlesinger is the comedian you need to experience live.

So, don’t hang around and secure your tickets today – the date to save in your diaries is 09/19/2024 and the venue to be at is the Johnny Mercer Theatre. Just click on the link and browse the seat and price options available for the show. There are a variety of options available to help make your evening with Iliza Shlesinger one of the best comedy experiences of your year. BOOK NOW!

Iliza Shlesinger at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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