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The theatre experience is preceded by large, red drapes and curtains. The whole stage is dark as the limelight dims. There is a part of you that anticipates for them to snap into light. A few moments later, this happens: the curtain opens as it welcomes you to a tale told artistically on stage. As the few notes of classical music begin and you witness the staging's magnificence, it would be difficult not to marvel at such a spectacle. Slowly, you get immersed in it as ballet dancers grace the stage.
This is an experience only felt when you watch a production of a ballet company. For the South Carolina Ballet, this is what they showcase as they will perform The Nutcracker at the Jonny Mercer Theatre this November 25. They would like to immerse you in the holiday spirit early and put you in awe. See the beautiful, breathtaking performances! Reserve your tickets now!

The Nutcracker is a two-act ballet classic. The Christmas season will not be complete without it showing in different theatres in the US. A tradition in itself, the ballet show is a true testament to the season's warmth. It continues to tug the holiday spirit among its viewers despite knowing it by heart. To a lot of people, it is a warm childhood remembrance. Among the productions that remind people of the Christmas warmth is the South Carolina Ballet, a touring arm of the Columbia City Ballet. They have been performing the show for years now, and they will continue to inspire more people to have a core memory of The Nutcracker.

The South Carolina Ballet is a project of artistic director William Starrett. He has been with the company since 1986. Under his leadership, they have grown from only staging two shows in the beginning to multiple productions today. The main Columbia City Ballet has become the premiere dance establishment in the South. It grew to become a professional company with an array of skilled ballet dancers and a supportive staff and community. With their hard work, they have produced among the best productions seen in the Southeast. Classics and contemporary ballets have been performed by the company, which includes titles like Aladdin, The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, and The Nutcracker.

Created by Romantic period composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, The Nutcracker has a long history that goes back to 1892. Its first performances were a miss. As the turn of the 20th century arrived, so was the popularity of this ballet performance.

Its story begins in the midst of a Christmas party. A man by the name of Herr Drosselmeyer visited the party and brought with him gifts for the children. Among these kids is Clara. Along with her twin, she was given a nutcracker. His twin brother did not take an interest in the toy, but Clara adored it so much. Later that night, Clara was jolted out of her sleep when she made a shocking discovery: the toy is alive. The story continues with Clara going into a rabbit hole of magical adventure.

Catch the South Carolina Ballet's The Nutcracker perform at the Johnny Mercer Theatre on Saturday, November 25. Book your tickets now!

South Carolina Ballet at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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