Champions Of Magic at Johnny Mercer Theatre

Champions Of Magic Tickets

Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Get ready for a family-friendly show that will keep you at the edge of your seats this April 28 at the Johnny Mercer Theatre. Witness the fantastic Champions of Magic as they enchant their Savannah, Georgia, fans in a 2-hour magic show filled with mind-twisting and logic-defying entertainment from the five top illusionists in the world. Bring the entire family on this Friday night and enjoy the touring illusion and magic show of Young & Strange, Alex McAleer, Fernando Velasco, and Hollie England. Secure tickets for the whole family, prepare to enter the unknown, and embrace a sense of wonder and amazement! Hit the “Get Tickets” link to reserve your tickets.

Champions Of Magic at Johnny Mercer Theatre

Earning an excellent reputation as an ensemble of traveling world-class magicians, the Champions of Magic is undoubtedly an in-demand act that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Deemed by Paper City Magazine Houston as "a magic show worthy of our video game and Instagram times," the quintet is the real deal when it comes to magic and illusion shows.

Since the show's inception in 2013, the quintet—comprised of illusionists Young & Strange; magician, dancer, and theatrical performer Hollie England; mind reader Alex McAleer; and escape artist Fernando Velasco—has amassed over 50 million views online. They have performed in front of sold-out crowds worldwide and have been broadcasted on every major American television network. In all these hundreds of performances, one thing is common: spectators are all in awe and crave more at the show's end. Until you witness it in person, you have not seen magic.

Good news to all magic fans and enthusiasts in Savannah, Georgia, because the famous quintet will be performing at the Johnny Mercer Theatre on April 28. Expect to be wowed by the mind-bending theatrical production in the North American leg of their "CHAMPIONS OF MAGIC: THE WORLDWIDE WONDERS TOUR." To secure your tickets early, hit the "Get Tickets" link.

Champions Of Magic at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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