Danae Hays at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Danae Hays

It’s gonna be a wild night at the Johnny Mercer Theater when Danae Hays pays a visit. She’ll be in Savannah on Friday, November 1st. This stop is part of her “The First Time Tour.” The name speaks for itself; it’s genuinely the first time that she’ll be headlining her own tour. That doesn’t mean that she’s that new to the game, though. Danae Hays has been a familiar face, particularly in the South, from way back to her days as a college softball standout. Today, she’s one of the freshest faces in comedy and an icon of the LGBT+ community. As one of the South’s own, she’s also certified to make fun of country music, which is usually a major part of her comedy sets.

If you want to be a part of this fun experience on the first Friday in November, click the get tickets button and head to the Johnny Mercer Theater on that date.

Danae Hays is a multi-talented person who’s not afraid to push any boundaries or buttons. This makes her shows super unpredictable and at the same time, of course, fun. She started to develop her persona back in her college softball days, she was one of the more vocal members of that team at Alabama. It’s been a while now, though, that she’s been active in the podcasting world, and she’s also released a few songs that are, in essence, country music spoofs. Her latest release as a musician is “D in My Nightstand.” The song features all of the typical country tunes, and the lyrics reference a certain s*x toy that she prefers to have over a traditional southern guy. That obviously plays into her LGBTQ+ identity. The way that she delivers both her jokes and her songs allows her shows to be enjoyable for almost anyone.

This is a show for mature audiences, for sure. As mentioned, however, this night on the first Friday in November in Savannah is one that you’ll be able to enjoy with friends or your significant other. Her work across podcasts and other forms of media has madeDanae a well-known comedian to this point. In spite of the fact that this is the first tour that she’s headlining. Even if you haven’t seen her live before, it’s not that hard to know what you’re going to get as part of this “First Time Tour.” She’s a high-energy personality on stage who’s willing to make fun of everything in Southern culture, but in a way where you know, she’s also one of its own. That’s a rare find on the comedy circuit.

The Johnny Mercer Theater is a great spot to watch a comedy show. It’s a cozy theater where you’ll be able to see the stage perfectly from wherever you want to sit. This is going to be a night where you’ll be able to just lay back and chill with a few beers. Come out ready to get made fun of, knowing it’s all in good faith. If you have that attitude, you’ll have a great night. Click the get tickets button today to make sure you’ll be able to enjoy the show.

Danae Hays at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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