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Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Fresh from starring in a Universal Film and a new Netflix special, world-renowned Filipino-American comedian, Jo Koy, is on fire! After celebrating Easter on his huge starring film milestone, the stand-up king is set to continue telling hilarious tales of bickering, shouting, rants, and iconic moments from his Filipino-American household. Currently navigating his 2023 World Tour, the laughs aren't stopping anytime soon as Jo Koy continues to add more dates to his extensive stand-up trek. Acclaimed for his undeniably hilarious wit, he's set to continue spreading positive energy by finding humor in whatever life hits him with. Inspired by his Filipino roots, Jo Koy's show never fails to ooze with reliability, poking fun at his struggles and quirky encounters with his mother. With a track record of sold-out arenas and insanely viral Netflix specials, Jo Koy definitely won't disappoint. Save your spots at his Johnny Mercer Theatre show on Sunday, December 3, 2023, by booking your tickets now!

Jo Koy at Johnny Mercer Theatre

Poking fun at iconic moments inspired by his Filipino-American household, Jo Koy quickly became a global favorite stand-up comedian for his undeniably relatable stories and hilarious wit. Coming off fresh from a Universal Picture production "Easter Sunday" and a new Netflix Special Jo Koy: Live From The Los Angeles Forum, the man is set to continue hitting the stage across the world to serve overdoses of his signature brand of comedy.

Uniting people of all walks through hilarious tales of family drama inspired by his Filipino roots, Jo Koy became a master of his craft, one that never fails to twist and connect various experiences across cultures. Hopping on another extensive stand-up trek, Jo Koy appears to be switching things up.

"This one, it's more personal," he told "This is my 33rd year in stand-up. I started in 1989, so it's like I want to start talking about that and more personal stuff and what it took to get where I'm at now and let this generation know that it's just not as easy as you think."

Set to share his journey in mastering his art of shedding hilarious light on his personal stories and becoming an icon for Asian representation, Jo Koy is bound for greater heights with his unstoppable passion for endless tales of cheeky antics and laughs that ultimately spread love.

From humble beginnings performing across local clubs and special gigs, the man's journey wasn't an overnight success. In a conversation with, Jo Koy shares that passion is his driving factor, not money nor fame. "I love stand-up. I'm good at a coffee house tomorrow night. I'm good. It doesn't need to be the United Center in April. I can be at the Laugh Factory on Sunset on a Wednesday night with 15 people," he shared.

"I'm extremely happy because this is my passion. This is what I love to do."

As a prominent icon in the global stand-up scene, Jo Koy won the hearts of audiences across the world, selling out arenas in every city he visits. Jo Koy largely credits his mom for his success, sharing that she ignited his passion to pursue comedy. Often telling hilarious tales about her, Jo Koy never fails to make sure she is loved and appreciated.

Recently starring in a Universal Picture Film "Easter Sunday", Jo Koy celebrates the holiday amidst loud bickering, screaming, and banters with a Filipino family, ultimately sharing what familial love really is. "It’s an all-Filipino cast. It’s an all-Asian cast," the man said. "Major studios backed it…I got to show them that this wasn’t a joke, that this was important to me and the Filipino community. So I’m going to go out there and tell everyone. I’ll go to every city and talk about this movie."

Extending his riots of laughter with a new tour following his blockbuster Netflix special, Jo Koy is set to soar to greater heights at his 2023 World Tour. Save your spots at his Mercer Theatre show on December 3rd by booking your tickets now!

Jo Koy at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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