Skilla Baby & Rob49 at Johnny Mercer Theatre

Skilla Baby & Rob49 Tickets

Johnny Mercer Theatre | Savannah, Georgia

Skilla Baby & Rob49

It’s not every day that the Johnny Mercer Theater within the Savannah Civic Center welcomes two of the most talented up-and-coming rappers. If you want to see Skilla Baby & Rob49 live, head to the Johnny Mercer on Saturday, August 17th. You’ll get a chance to hear their new solo tracks and some of the works that they’ve done together. There’s not necessarily an opening act on this night. It’s just going to be a full-on rap battle. Skilla Baby’s got a new album out titled “The Coldest.” You can expect him to perform “Mike Jack” from this album on Saturday, August 17th, for sure, because that’s a track he made with Rob49.

If you want to be part of something that’s shaping up to be almost a block party in Savannah, get your tickets today. The Johnny Mercer is not that big of a theater and, therefore, could sell out quickly.

Both Skilla Baby and Rob49 have made waves in their own right within the music industry. Rob49, for example, has worked with Travis Scott and Lil Wayne. In the second collaboration, it’s actually a Rob49 song that Wayne agreed to participate in. That’s a clear indication that both of these guys got all of the talent in the world. One of the reasons why they’re deciding to put on these shows together is because some of their most popular tracks are ones that they’ve worked on together. Rob49’s “Mama” is the most popular song on Skilla Baby’s feed on many music streaming platforms. That’s not necessarily a sign that one of the performers needs more from the other. That’s for each of you who are heading to the show to decide.

It’s going to be a night where both performers are going to come out singing their best tracks. There also may be some freestyle sets. It’ll be really interesting to see where they want to take this show. What’s clear is that there are gonna be a ton of talented people gracing the stage. That’s always a perfect opportunity to watch something amazing happen. You want to bring your crew out this Saturday night to enjoy the show! Now, what you really ought to be asking yourself is where in the theater you want to be on this night.

The pit area right next to the stage with the standing room is going to be the best spot to catch the show. You know how these hip-hop shows go! Skilla Baby is known as a performer who loves to interact with the crowd; there’s a very good chance that he’ll walk off-stage and start singing in the middle of all the fans. That’s gonna take place right in that pit area. It’s also true that watching the show a little bit from afar has its own appeal. Within the Johnny Mercer Theater you’ll be able to find plenty of the comfy padded seats with a great view of the stage. You’ll catch all of the action and hear the music perfectly. All that without having to worry about getting trampled by some of the more eager fans of the duo. Whatever you want to do, click the get tickets button to save your spot at this event.

Skilla Baby & Rob49 at Johnny Mercer Theatre

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